This is the 2016 show knife!  First time for us that we used 3 knife makers to create this "one of kind" knife! 

To win this special one-of-a-kind, custom hand made knife by Johnny Stout, Mike Tyre and Jim Sorenberger all you need to to do is bring the post card reminder you receive in the mail to the show and turn it in with your paid admission to be entered! We will send out the postcard reminders when the show gets to within 45 to 60 days! Not on our mailing list or have not attended before? Just send in your name and mailing address and we will add you to the data base which will not be sold! Additional door prizes are given out at the show from the slip you fill out at the show when paying your admission! 


The 2016 door prize knife is made by Johnny Stout with Mike Tyre Damascus in the blade and engraved by Jim Sorenberger! It is a folder with Indian Sandbar Stag! Great looking folder and will post more when we put the picture up!

‚ÄčThere will be additional door prizes, and we will post some here as they come in to us!                                                                                  POST CARDS ARE GOING OUT THE WEEK OF 9/21

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