This is an open show and no longer an invitational! Tables are available to Custom Knife makers and additional vendors. Contact Dan for more information!

Exhibitor Information:

This show is open to all custom knife makers. Famous or just starting out, it does not matter as of course you need to start some where! In addition we allow a limited amount of suppliers, dealers as well as some of the smaller knife companies creating higher end knives, not regular production. After all it is a "custom knife show", not just a knife show. So if you are interested please contact us!        Table fee is $525

Exhibitor Set up Time:

Show set up starts Saturday morning at 8am and if everything is ready to go we will allow you to set up earlier. THERE IS NO SET UP FRIDAY NIGHT! If you have something non valuable and if I am there you can bring it in when we finish setting the tables.Two badges are included with your table fee and there is a charge for additional adult badges.  There is no sharing of tables and exhibitors are asked not to enter lotteries other than for themselves and not for resale or a dealer. This is for the customers!  In addition as the show is only 2 days please stay at your table until at least 3PM Sunday.

The ball room is on the right as you face the Embassy Suites. There are doors on that side and the check in for exhibitors will right there at 8am. Any money owed will be paid there as you pick up your badges and there is a wall map with the table lay out. We do have 24 hour security. If you send packages to Plaza Cutlery they will be at your table or the front desk to pick up. Anything shipped to the Embassy Suites they will deliver and we will most likely have them leave them at your table. Any other questions please email Parking is free during the day.


We do have a few awards we give away each year. This is done during set up and the first 2 hours of the show. Judges look around the show for special knives and you can also let Dan know if you want the judges to see something special you think they may miss. The awards are for:

Best Knife of Show

Best Folding Knife

Best Fixed Blade Knife

Room Reservations:

Make your reservations before September 20Th to get the show rate. There is a city wide event that will fill the hotel so the rate can not be extended!

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