Knife Makers Continued
Scot Matsuoka 
Marfione Customs (Hank)

Mike McClure 2017

​McGray & Company

Miller Brother Blades
Jeff Morgan   
Chad Nell      
Mel Nishiuchi  
Noble Knives
Hiroaki Ohta 
W. D. Pease  

Ole Pedersen

Mark V Peterson
Darrel Ralph   
Jeremy Robertson  
Bill Ruple 

​Steve Ryan
Eugene Shadley
David Sharp  
Mike Shindel
Travis Slyter
Jim Sornberger  
Johnny Stout 
Shosui Takeda  (Japan) 
Darrin Thomas

Brian Tighe    (Canada) 
Mike Tyre
Mike Ulrich    
Michael Vagnino   
  Melvin Watanabe  
    Wayne Watanabe 

Richard Wheeler
Trent Wong

 John Young (lottery)


Additional Exhibitors
Steel Flame  
Maverick Workshop (Beads)

Semi-Production Knives Attending:

Chris Reeve Knives 
Meglio Knives

Spartan Knives

Strider Knives​
Pro-Tech (note auto sales to law enforcement and Military only

Medford Knife and Tool

Olamic Cutlery
William Henry Knives (Saturday Only)

Meet Matt Conable owner of WHK

Zac Brown's "Southern Grind" 

Hiro Photography


Adam Unlimited (Sting Ray Products)
Knife and Gun Finishing Supply's    
Charles Turnage (Handle Stuff) 
TruGrit 2 (knife making supplies)
Vegas Forge (Rob Thomas)

SK Knives\Ti Connector
GSR/Glendo Engraver  

 Blade Junkee 
Jon Ukman\EbossHoss  
Knife Legends\Paul Shindler  
Rick Monsour   
Dan Delavan\Plaza Cutlery   
Dave Nittinger  
Louis Chow 

​Gus Marsh
Knifeology\Mark Strauss   
Scott Pritchard
Recon 1
Tri City Knife Works (Bill Hall) Committed
Jack Alvarez  
                        Larry Hirsh                                              Michael Danato                           Knife Treasures  

Gold Connection 559

​EDC Knives  (Duane Weikum)\Dave Ellis 

Eric Levinson  NEW

George Cummings

​2016 Exhibitors are listed here
UPDATE 4/28/17
Tables are available

Knife Makers

Don Andrade 
Max Berger 
Jason Brous
Zach Buchanan 
Byington Blades
Joel Chamblin (cancelled)  
Ramon Chavez

Wes Crawford  NEW
Dawson Knives 

Julio Diez  NEW
Jim English

Michael Faber 
Feldman Custom Knives
Dennis Friedly  
Les George  Beep Beep Lottery 

Steve Godfrey
KC Gray

Heretic knives

Jake Hoback knives
Bill Herndon 

Steve Hostetler
Mitch Jenkins

​K & M Edge Craft

Steve Koster
Kramer Custom Knives   
Randy Lee   
Kirby Lambert   (Canada) 

Matthew Lerch 

Bill Luckett  NEW
Kensei Matsuno   (Japan)